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Nicole Beringer

Accomplished Bookkeeper 

Nicole Beringer is the newest member of the Innovative Consulting & Solutions team. She is an experienced bookkeeper with advanced financial skills that will greatly contribute to the quality and efficiency of the company.


Nicole has over 12 years of work experience with Fortune 500 Companies in the building automation industry, specializing in accounting and finances.

Arleen Claudio-Gore

Trusted Sales and Product Advisor

Arleen Claudio-Gore is an accomplished sales representative with over 17 years of sales experience. She has a reputation for treating all clients with respect, loyalty, and professionalism and is known for going over and beyond to ensure they’re satisfied with ICS’s services.


Arleen believes that "ICS clients should never feel stuck, overwhelmed or uncertain when dealing with their finances" and uses her expertise to listen and identify the right solution that will help relieve their angst and improve confidence in their business.


Before joining Innovative Consulting & Solutions, Arleen spent 16 years as a Sales Representative and almost a year as an Account Manager for Goodcopy Visual Communications. She resides in Connecticut with her husband and 4 children.

Business Development,

Innovative Consulting and Solutions

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Marketing and Administration, 

Innovative Consulting and Solutions

Layla Nayar 

Multifaceted Admin, Marketing and Social Media Manager


Layla Nayar is an experienced administrative professional. As part of the Innovative Consulting & Solutions team, she uses this experience to assist with various areas of day-to-day operations including general admin, human resources, shaping ICS's marketing strategy, creating   social media content and building its digital community. 

Prior to joining Innovative Consulting & Solutions, Layla spent almost a decade in the media industry, as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager for CRN International. She resides in Connecticut. 

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