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10 Gifts that New Business Owners Will Love

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Thanksgiving is officially over, and "the most wonderful time of the year" is just around the corner, CHRISTMAS!

Do you have a loved one who has started a business and is confused about what to get them? Well, you're lucky because I have curated a list of ten valuable gifts, perfect for new business owners. I included gifts I wished I had received when I started my business and a few items any new business owner would love.


A Mobile card reader is an excellent gift for a new business owner who can control credit card transactions through their phone while on the go.


Most small business owners are limited on capital in the beginning stages and

need help to afford many of the subscriptions to help run their businesses. Gifting them yearly subscriptions for accounting apps like QuickBooks, marketing apps like Mailchimp, CRM apps like Asana or Dubsado, and Amazon Business Prime.


A perfect tool to keep track of their keys, laptop bag, and luggage.


How many times have you made coffee only for it to sit for hours and get cold?

Well, this fantastic mug keeps liquids hot for up to 3 hours. Another great feature is that you can control the temperature through your phone!


We usually spend money on the most cost-effective things to run our business

and often overlook the importance of memberships. Popular memberships to look for are gym memberships, professional organizations, and places like Sam's or Costco.


These popular desks are perfect for new business owners. This desk allows

you to stand and move around to increase circulation. Sitting for prolonged periods can result in back pains.


Sites like Etsy are well known for their unique and personalized items. Gifts to consider are acrylic signs for their desk or wall, personalized notebooks, pens, or custom art, to name a few.


Know a chocolate lover? Or a coffee connoisseur? Try purchasing gourmet

gift baskets to show your love and support.


There aren't many gift guides where you won't find these as top items for gifting.

You can buy a gift card for a specific store or a Visa/Master card that allows your entrepreneur to shop at a store of their choice. They can be used almost anywhere to purchase nearly anything.


Portable power banks make perfect gifts because they can charge multiple devices. They fit easily in laptop bags and purses without taking up much room.

Gift giving doesn't have to be expensive but should come from the heart. Gifts should be helpful, memorable, and personal. Taking time to know your new business owner's needs takes the guesswork out of shopping. I hope this list can help you find the right gift for Christmas or celebrate milestones in your entrepreneur's life!

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